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Spectrum is a state-of-the-art electrosurgical system that automatically adapt’s to the user’s needs. The unique feature of spectrum is the smart device system that detects and identifies the connected instrument. It also automatically adjusts the operating mode and output settings to the instrument, thus improving the operator’s working comfort. This system comes with a ThermoStapler, where it can be used for many other surgical procedures which provides effective closure of vessels or ligaments & Argon Plasma Coagulation (APC) which ensures fast and efficient coagulation of large surfaces.

Its multiple unique features such as

  •  Wireless Multi switch & Two paddle foot switch
  •  Neutral Electrode Monitoring (NEM) system etc

Makes an ideal choice for the surgeons to use this system improving their working comfort.

  • 10 high resolution color screens
  • SDS (Smart Device System)
  • Upto 100 memory locations
  • New operation modes
  • Automatic Power regulation
  • Real-time monitoring of output
  • Power monitor
  • Safety :
  • NEM test
  • Auto test
  • Overload protection
  • Operating modes :
  • Monopolar cutting : Pure, with haemostasis, cutting with desiccation, and for procedures in liquid environment (urology and arthroscopy).
  • Monopolar Coagulation : Soft, forced, hybrid, standard argon, endoscopic and pulse argon.
  • Bipolar cutting : Standard and for procedures in liquid environment (Urology , Arthroscopy).
  • Endoscopic cutting and coagulation modes
  • Vessel sealing system – ThermoStapler
  • Voice commuication

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