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ES350 is a basic Electrosurgical Unit (ESU) which offers a variety of operating modes for open procedures, as well as endoscopy and laparoscopy. It is equipped with additional functions for specialised procedures in urology, arthroscopy and endoscopy. This system enables monopolar and bipolar operations.

The unit is equipped with system that enhances the effectiveness of operation:

  •  Automatic power adjustment spectrum result.
  •  The neutral electrode monitoring NEM system .
  •  AutoTest guarantee the maximum safety during surgical procedures.
  •  The generator enables remote change of programs via Multiswitch.
  • Bipolar resection
  • 9 programs
  • Endoscopic cutting mode
  • Multiswitch
  • Safety :
  • NEM system
  • Overload protection
  • Auto test
  • Operating modes :
  • Monopolar cutting : Pure, blend cutting (3 levels), urological cutting, endoscopic cutting.
  • Monopolar coagulation : soft, forced, spray, hybrid.
  • Bipolar cutting : Cutting with 4 different levels od hemostasis, urological cutting
  • Bipolar coagulation : with Auto start/ Auto stop mode
  • Specialized endoscopic cutting mode

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