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Karl Storz Endoscope offers proven and reliable endoscopic instruments, units and sets for several specialities such as General surgery, Urology, Ob-Gyn, Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, ENT. Karl Storz develops innovative products and concepts, which thanks to in-depth consultation with leading surgeons, university hospitals and research institutes, are closely geared to the needs of medical practice and further optimized. Karl Storz commitment to performance and professionalism means both users and patients receive the ideal solution.


For Laparoscopy in surgery, Karl Storz have diverse range of laparoscopic instruments for surgeries like Lap Chole, Hernia, Bariatric Gastro surgeries etc.With more than 5500 products developed in collaboration with users, Karl Storz covers the entire range of diagnostic and surgical procedures. They provide accessories like trocar from rigid to flexible, telescope with single direction of view to variable direction of view and adverse range of cutting instruments and forceps for all kind of surgeries.

 For Laparoscopy in Urology, Karl Storz offers complete solution that combines sophisticated telescope and instruments with perfectly compatible innovative and safety devices. They have a complete revolution in Transurethral treatment concepts. The new generation of HX-FI camera heads now allow you to perform Photodynamic Diagnosis (PDD) in full HD. This technology provides brilliant and high resolution images in both white light and PDD modes. They provide Digital Video Cysto-Urethroscopes for precise diagnosis, a new generation of Pressure controlled PCNL systems etc.

 For Laparoscopy in Gynaecology, Karl Storz along with product line for standard gynaecological procedures using hysteroscopic and/or laparoscopic techniques include endoscopes and specialized instruments for reproductive surgery and fetoscopy. Their product range is constantly being expanded from instruments for standard procedures to instruments for niches such as the creation of laparoscopic-assisted neovagina.


The first instruments created by Karl Storz was for ENT. Today, approximately 6000 different instruments are an offer, comprising rigid endoscopes in various sizes, flexible fiberscopes and video endoscopes as well as motor systems. Now Karl Storz offers,

  •  UNIDRIVE S III ENT , High speed motor system for ENT.
  •  The DRILLCUT-X II-35 handpiece with 35K sinus burrs for fast and precise work.
  •  Instrument set for Endoscopic Middle ear surgery.
  •  CMOS technology in otorhinolaryngology etc.